What can i do about this haircolor?

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    Good morning, I recently dyed my naturally brown hair jet black. All I was really trying to do was cover the white hairs that keep popping up. In the last couple years I realized that plucking them was not helping and.. our hair turning white while we are still young runs in my family. I won’t be ready for that for a long time so I know I have to color my hair. I have always colored my hair occassionally just for fun but since I am on a long hair journey I didn’t want to go lighter and I was trying to be careful. In the past if I would have dyed it black and didn’t like it, I would have simply colored it honey blonde and not worried about it, but now I know that you can’t just do that. I am hoping to lighten it naturally with frequent washing and deep conditioning & maybe lemon juice. It doesn’t look bad but I just don’t like it! I really would rather my hair be brown with highlights. Any suggestions on how I can do this SAFELY and DAMAGE FREE? I went ahead and used garnier fructis highlight kit in my hair this past Saturday because I had to try something (I used caramel not blond). It actually looks cute but I want more color..lighter all over! Help

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    Petra Lomax

    Hey hon, I think you should go to a professional and probably leave the box color kits alot. There really isnt any such thing as damage free colored hair especially when you are lifting the color. Pretty much you have lift the cuticles and that weakens to hair. The best thing to do is see a professional and make sure you do your part by deep conditioning regularly and using protein to build the hair strand as much as you can. … hope that helps Petra

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    Hi Petra,
    I actually am a professional however I never did specialize in color :) But I think I will let my color fade on it’s own.Most color fades after so many washes so I simply started washing 2x a week which is way more than my norm and I noticed it’s not so JET black anymore.. yaay! Also the highlights turned out cute and it was alot safer than all over color because it’s true that I had to lift the color. I’ll be careful!!

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    Shea moisture just made a new line of hair dyes that are sulfate and ammonia free. They are a little costly but they have had great reviews on them lately.

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