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    First off I just wanted to say that I really enjoy this page! :-*
    I’m currently transition back to my natural hair from a texturizer and I have a couple of q’s. I know that most natural women feel like heat is the devil. I enjoy being natural but I like to wear my hair straight. 1. its easier to manage my hair. 2. I like full straight hair. 3. I.don’t like to be vonfined to all the “natural” styles such as twists, braids, corn rows etc. Dont get me wrong I’m NOT knocking any natural sisters out there that are wearing these styles, they just don’t like right on me. I have 4a thick cottony hair with thin hair strands. I have seen a few videos on youtubewhere some naturals wear their hair straight (flatironed) all the time and their hair is still growing and looks really healthy. They refer to it as thermalaxed hair.

    My q’s are:

    Is it possible to wet wrap natural 4a hair with either a foam wrap or
    setting lotion to get natural hair flat ironed straight? If so what better to use ; setting lotion or the foam wrap?

    I read that you coconut oil, do I add this before I blow dry then flat iron or after I’m done flat ironing?

    I understand that moisture is imperative for healthy hair growth. Is deep conditioning 1x/ wk for 6 wks and then doing protein treatment a good regimen to maintain a healthy level of moisture in your hair?

    I only use Keracare & Aphogee products.

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    Hi buttabeen,

    With the question of can you wet wrap natural 4a hair, ‘absolutely not’ comes to mind! To wet wrap hair straight the hair needs to have a very small degree of curl and even wrapping foam cannot truly flatten any 4 type curls. I think even 3c’s would struggle with this. You could try rollersetting but I found that it was more trouble than it was worth because even though your hair is left ‘straitish’ the smoothness just aint there so there is way too much friction between the strands which causes breakage in the end.

    Alma from BHI is natural and wears her hair straight most of the time so it can certainly work as a long term length retention strategy.

    I use my own mix of coconut oil, shea and mango butter. What I do is is use serum to blow dry then use my butter while flat ironing. I get a much straighter smoother result without any friction.

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    Alma Ruddock
    @Alma Ruddock

    I agree with hairchica on the rolllersetting and wet wrapping thing. it sounds link a good idea in principle but i don’t get proper smoothness with rollersets and i find that i get more breakage than with just standard straightening. I’ve never even attempted a wet wrap!

    Your regimen sounds good, buttabeen as long as you are alternating between protein and moisturizing dc’s erring on the side of moisture most weeks.

    Also use the stretch blow dry method as much as possible to reduce manipulation.

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