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    I’m a haitian girl that was adopted into an all caucasian family, so my whole hair journey has been a disaster. However, lately, my biggest problem is that my hair just won’t hold moisture. I’ve swear I’ve tried every moisturizer that I can find…and I’ve read about how we’re supposed to moisturize and seal hair, which I know do everyday, or two or three times everyday, and my hair is still just super dry…brittle and breaks off. Any suggestions for moisturizers or how to keep my hair moisturized? My hair is definitely 4c and at this point natural… if you have any suggestions for moisturizers I should try or how to keep my hair moisturized, I would be so grateful!

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    Petra Lomax

    Hi Hannah, your hair might be super porous which means no matter how much you moisturize your hair will not hold the moisture, so here is my suggestion… lets build your strands back to health with some protein treatments. An excellent protein treatment is Aphogee 2 minute Reconstructor but if you do use that you might need some help. every week deep condition your hair with something that has some protein in it. I swear by, my egg, honey, oil and conditioner mix. Just use one egg, and mix in some honey (2 table spoons or more) some oil, and enough conditioner to make sure the mixture isn’t too runny. Apply it all over your hair before you shampoo for about 30-45 minutes. Then shampoo and condition as usual. If you just want to find a product to use for your protein deep condition then Aubrey’s GPB is a good one, or say you want to use a single product from the kitchen, then greek yogurt is a great option too. check out this video : doing the treatments every week will build your strand so that when you moisturize and seal it should last longer. hope that helps hon Petra

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    Did you try it Hannah?

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