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    Hi, i’m coming to you because i am desperate. :’( I have always worn braids/weaves /twists and one of these times my hair got so thin, the stylish ripped a lot of my hair off. Results? My hair was thin, and I had a lot of bald spots, and i started wearing braids again to let my hair grow. Two urs went by, and i still have a lot of bald spots, i just started to get a hairline back. And i am trying to start a successful hair journey but i dont know what to do anymore. I am currently wearing a brazilian weave, but it feels like my scalp hair is getting thinner and not stronger. My hair is relaxed btw. I wanted to start letting my hair grow under some weaves, but i dont know what to do, i would do anything just to have it back and healthier. SO PLEASE HELP ME.

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    Hi Joseana5, I’m sorry to hear about your “endless damage” We cannot expect different results while doing the same things. You have to change everything you do with your hair if you want to see a change! Start by no longer putting relaxers in your hair. If your hair is damaged with bald spots then you don’t need to put chemicals in it at all. Next you need to find natural products that work with your hair. And lastly, I would leave braids and weaves alone. Just keep conditioning your own hair weekly and treating your scalp. Loosely braid or twist your hair and wear a nice wig while taking better care of your hair underneath. But of course give your hair a rest when you are alone or home as much as you can. I know that damage or not, we ladies want to look nice. Be patient and have faith. I hope this helps you!

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    Hi Joeseana5. You are not going to like what I say but there are two things that you are going to have to absolutely STOP for the time being until you get your bald spots growing again. First it’s braiding and secondly relaxing.

    I would l0ve to say that you can carry on as you are and just use product xyz and your hair will grow back but that would be disingenuous. Braiding puts stress on your follicles and while your hair is still fragile weaving is no longer protective but destructive. Also relaxer applied on bald spots serves to discourage regrowth so you are in for a looong stretch if you really want to see hair regrowth.

    I wrote a couple of posts on using essential oils for regrowing bald spots and I would suggest that you try the rosemary, thyme, lavendar & cedarwood mixture to help regrow the areas. The full post is here and here’s another one on a similar topic that may help get the point across.

    It’s not easy but it can absolutely be done if you are committed. Might I suggest that for the time being you just cross wrap your hair under a clip on half weave of wig? Neither of these require that your hair is braided underneath and you will be able to take it off and treat your scalp nightly.

    For now I would suggest that you concentrate of getting the bald spots to grow back in then once that is happening you can more on to trying to gain length. Of course don’t neglect your hair, dc weekly with heat and protein etc.

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    Hi Joseana5, I am truly sorry to hear about your hair damage. Weaves and braids are great protective style and also help retain length but with the proper care. To the post its seems that you are not taking care of your hair properly. To start a proper hair journey I would advise you to start here: This post may give you a great start to a successful hair journey.Many people on a hair journey tend to find weaves and braids easier to maintain and manipulate while growing out their hair. Also are you spacing out the time you get a weave. For example are you keeping in your sew in for 2 months and then get another one the next week?Also are you doing a protein treatment before applying your weaves?

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